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Experience the magic of AI-powered short stories with Story Teller. Generate captivating tales on any topic, with Text-to-Speech support for 30 languages.

Explore Our features:

Topic-Driven Story Creation

Enter any topic in 30 languages, and witness the magic! Experience instant story generation using vector databases for similar stories. Enjoy text and audio narratives that take seconds to 1.5 minutes to create. With this feature, you can effortlessly unleash your creativity and indulge in topic-driven storytelling that's as diverse as it is captivating.

Random Stories

Discover our special feature for the curious minds and the seekers of spontaneity - Random Stories! If you're unsure about the topic or simply feeling a bit lazy, worry not! With just a language selection, you'll be instantly delighted with a captivating story in your chosen language. Embrace the element of surprise and let randomness lead you to exciting narratives!

Analysis of User's Character

Explore the captivating world of character analysis within our project! By simply clicking on your username, discover intricate insights into your character. These analyses are intelligently crafted based on the stories you've thoughtfully added to your Favorites. Unravel the depths of your persona and embark on a self-discovery adventure like never before!